My Home has no water leaks but I still have mould?

August 03, 2018

Just because your home is structurally sound and does not have water leaks does not mean that you will not get mould. 


Mould is not created by water. Mould eats water. Mould comes from all living things on the planet. This includes:

  • Humans
  • Animals 
  • Plants
  • Microorganisms

Mould travels in on the small particulate matter in the air that we breathe. Mould also travels in water. So as soon as you open a window, walk outside, let your pets in. You have now let mould and bacteria into your home. 

Once the mould has entered your home all it takes is one accidental spillage of water, accidentally leaving food out or forgetting about it or some completely uncontrollable change in the environment ( the weather, or plants outside ) and boom you will have mould infestation growing in your home.  

So is it impossible to keep the mould out?

The answer is No. We developed SAN-AIR to address this exact issue. SAN-AIR is the first line of defence against mould in your home. 

SAN-AIR will clean the air of any mould and bacteria that comes into your home. This way it is proactively stopping the mould before it even gets a chance to take hold. 

We have seen it happen before but mould can take over your home in under 24 hours. 

 It is more typical for a mould infestation to take hold over 3 - 4 weeks. 

If you start to notice any of the following it means that you have mould affecting your health:

  • Itchy eyes
  • Constant Coughing
  • Always feel sick
  • Constant musty smells 
  • More frequent asthma attacks 
  • Cronic fatigue. 

If this sounds like anything you are experiencing. You most likely have mould in your home, that is affecting your health. 


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