Property disputes about mould infestation? Get a scientist to help you!

October 23, 2018

Property disputes about mould infestation? Get a scientist to help you!

If you have a mould problem who do you call? 

A client of ours had a mould problem. It had been long term and getting worse.  They realised that they had a problem when they visited friends for a couple of weeks and their health problems disappeared.  When they returned home their symptoms immediately came back. Symptoms of nasal congestion, sinus blockage and feeling unwell.

Discussions with the Real Estate Agent and landlord did not end in agreement and they ended up at NCAT.  

What experts did each party call?

Tenant - called SAN-AIR for a Home Health Inspection

Landlord - called 

  • Builder for a building inspection 
  • Other "mould expert" - you can probably guess this well known name for a mould remediation plan

What did NCAT say?

Of 3 expert reports submitted the SAN-AIR report was the only expert report accepted by (NCAT) as the other 2 experts had disclaimer clauses that contained wording like:

  • " ...this report provides first-round advice that does not meet evidentiary standards required by Expert Witness Codes of Conduct.  It is therefore not suitable for litigation purposes."
  • "...this report and all its contents is prepared for scoping works ... may not necessarily be suitable for presentation in litigation and other Court or Tribunal actions.."

The Tribunal only accepted the SAN-AIR report as the other two reports by their own written admissions were not acceptable.

Before proceeding with any home inspections for mould make sure to see a sample report from the provider and review all the Disclaimer and Conditions clauses to ensure the report is acceptable in litigation.

SAN-AIR stands by its Home Health Inspection reports.

Contact SAN-AIR to get real mould expertise on your side.

Call us today on 0433347094 or (02) 8809 5350 or email us  using the form below. 

Living in a healthy home is the key to starting a healthy lifestyle. You can eat the healthiest of foods but if you do not have healthy air, you are not maximising the quality of your health. 

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