Quick test results means you need to act quickly

November 06, 2018

Quick test results means you need to act quickly

So, you have bought our test kits and tested some key areas in your home/office.

You have followed instructions and left the test to incubate for up to 5 days.

Did you make any of the following observations during the 5 days?

  1. Halfway through the five days, you check out the test and see that there is already a big colony of something furry like in the centre of the blog photo.
  2. By the end of the five days, you see lots of little colonies  commencing to grow
  3. At the end of the 5 days, there is just a couple of small dots in the test.

You definitely need to clean in situations 1 and 2.

Situation 1 means that you have a mould problem that is very quick to grow.

Situation 2 means that you have many competing moulds for the available space in the test kit.  If the test space was bigger they would have grown faster.

In situation 3 you have low mould counts being a normal living space environment and you just need to continue cleaning as you do to maintain.  If you notice signs of deteriorating wellness then test again at that time.

What type of clean should you do for situations 1 and 2?

To create a healthy indoor environment with low mould and bacteria counts  SAN-AIR recommend a two-step approach:

The first step is to clean any visible mould using SAN-AIR Surface Mould Remover.  This will give an immediate hit to the mould in the space cleaned.

The second step is to address the airborne mould. Do this in one of two ways


  1. If the home is air-conditioned, use a SAN-AIR Air Conditioning 100gm pack to address all indoor air spaces of your home.  The evaporating gel will naturally travel to all indoor places on the air flow. 
  2. Otherwise, place a jar of SAN-AIR Mould Gone in the room(s) needed for fast-acting impact on the airborne contamination.  

SAN-AIR products are fast acting and safe at a very low dosage to neutralise mould and bacteria in indoor environments.

Our products will give you a natural, cost-effective indoor treatment of airborne contamination that will greatly help to maximise the health of your indoor spaces.




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