Rainy days with pets in and out of your home

October 13, 2018

Rainy days with pets in and out of your home

When we are home doing things inside and outside in the yard, our two cats follow us everywhere.  They are curious about what we are doing and keep us company while doing so.  Outside they chase each other up and down trees, they roll around in the dirt and sprinting around the garden after each other.  

When it's raining they still want their freedom to roam outside and then come inside when they are ready to stay in a nice dry warm place. When they walk inside they bring with them on their fur and paws dust and dirt that contains mould.  We humans, do the same, but usually, leave boots and shoes at the door (maybe not everybody). These are natural everyday events that we all do.

Mould will travel inside.  The way to stop mould from taking hold in your indoors is to use SAN-AIR.









Use SAN-AIR Surface Mould Remover to clean surfaces like furniture, walls and floors.
Use  SAN-AIR Mould Gone to neutralise airborne mould in your home.
Additionally, use SAN-AIR Pet Odour Eliminator next to your pet's bedding and litter tray to stop the mould and bacteria that can take hold in these places as well.
SAN-AIR delivers everywhere, get your natural safe to use products today.

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