Reduce your maintenance costs and stay mould free

October 11, 2018

Reduce your maintenance costs and stay mould free

How many products do you buy to sanitise and clean your home? If you are a business does your maintenance costs  give you a long-term sanitised result?

Most cleaners use toxic chemical products. Those that use natural ingredients are likely using them as fragrances, just check the ingredient list to see what else is in the product.

At SAN-AIR the safety of our products is our number 1 principle. We do not compromise. Through our years of research we know what people react to adversely. We do not use products like Tea Tree Oil as an active as it would be dangerous to humans at the levels required. Our natural ingredients are a unique blend that have been independently university tested to be effective and reduce airborne mould and bacteria to below 90% in 24-48 hours.

Have a look at the SAN-AIR  product range and stop spending on the multiple other products. Change your home and office cleaning regime to get effective cheaper longer lasting indoor health. 

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