SAN-AIR's founder uses skills for plant biology

November 04, 2018

SAN-AIR's founder uses skills for plant biology

This morning my wife picked this beautiful flower from one of our pot plants.  It's the first time this orchid cactus has flowered.  The bloom is bigger than her hand and the colours absolutely brilliant.

I have worked in many industries in my career developing a wide range of knowledge across pharmaceutical, cosmetics, agricultural, food and beverage, battery, aerosol and other industries.  I came to become passionate about helping people address mould problems through the experience I had in my own family.  But that is another story and you can go to this page to read more.

Some months ago I also developed plant nutrient products.  I tested my formulations on our own plants and this is the result.

Here is a picture of this flower together with another flowering cactus that we have had for years.  The colours are brilliant.  My wife is a very happy customer.

Using a different formulation the lawn has been growing bright green and luscious.  hopefully, the bare patches will soon be gone.



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