Spring clean your air-conditioning

October 04, 2018

Spring clean your air-conditioning

Many homes have air conditioning, heavily used over the summer and winter months to cool and warm our homes. Modern homes in particular often have built-in ducting to streamline the flow of air throughout the home.

Over time the ducting will accumulate a level of dust debris that if not treated will become a growing medium for mould.

But "my air-conditioner has HEPA filters" you say. Correct, however, filters only stop the larger particles from coming through. Any particles that get through, and they do, are smaller AND do carry mould and bacteria into your environment. This is a well-known fact throughout the air-conditioning industry. Dust most certainly can be so small it is measured at the micron level. We have written about this in the past advising that filters are not enough.

At SAN-AIR we started our research and development in air conditioning environments.  Our goal was to effectively treat indoor spaces using natural active ingredients and use the air-conditioning air flow to spread the product to all places within the indoor space. We succeeded! 

With independent university testing, we were able to prove that from 24-48 hours SAN-AIR achieved a significant reduction in mould.  We have had numerous clients tell us about the turn-around in their smelly air-conditioning after using SAN-AIR.

You too can achieve great results with your air-conditioning using our air-conditioning product.

This product is so effective, it seriously packs a punch in a small package. Put in the air return and depending upon the level of use of your air-conditioner,  it will last 6-8 weeks.

Try it today.




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