Quick and easy test to confirm your suspicion about mould in your premises

October 03, 2018

Quick and easy test to confirm your suspicion about mould in your premises

Awareness of mould in the indoor environment is increasing as more people are affected by its presence.  A recent government inquiry will report its' findings in another month, some of our clients contributed to the review. This awareness is good for the community as with this higher awareness comes more education about what to do.

At SAN-AIR, I have been researching this problem for 10 years.  From very personal beginnings, as I needed to solve this problem for my family as I had 2 young sons with allergies to dust and mould.

I needed to solve the problem effectively with a safe natural solution. It was important to not use any toxic chemicals. As an industrial chemist with years of developing new products in multiple industries, I had the knowledge and skills to address this problem systematically.  SAN-AIR is the result.

At SAN-AIR keeping our customers safe is our first priority. We have built natural solutions for indoor mould issues.

Use our test kits to test your indoor environment and then use SAN-AIR to address the problem at its source!  Our products work in both residential and large commercial indoor environments.

Use our no shipping fee combination pack for a full solution.

If you just want to test order our test kits.



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