Test for toxic mould to locate your problem areas

October 18, 2018

Test for toxic mould to locate your problem areas

DIY before you bring in the professionals

Have you been suffering a lingering illness? Or maybe you are looking to eliminate potential problem sources or confirm the source that you have narrowed down to.  Before you bring in professional help you can perform your own mould and bacteria analysis of your indoor spaces.

What things should you test?

You probably already have good ideas and here are some additional suggestions

  • General - walls, air vents, ceilings, furniture, carpet
  • Bedroom - behind bedhead
  • Kitchen - inside cupboards, furniture/walls near the garbage bin
  • Family room - carpet, walls
  • Air - sample where the smell is worst
  • Any recently purchased new item

SAN-AIR are mould experts. We have spent years researching mould and how to stop it.  Our reports are used in dispute resolution cases whereas other so-called experts put disclaimers on their reports regarding their mould expertise (see our previous blog).

Click on the products to use

Use the SAN-AIR test kits to locate your problem.



Then use the SAN-AIR combination pack to neutralise and clean your problem areas. SAN-AIR will leave behind a sanitised, fresh smelling indoor space.


To get free shipping, get the SAN-AIR Test Clean Maintain combination pack.



SAN-AIR  have made DIY easy. We have also solved mould problems through our natural, safe products. Improve the health of your indoor spaces for you and your family with SAN-AIR.


If you feel you need the support of a professional, SAN-AIR are able to help you. Contact us by phone on (02) 88095350 or use the email form below.

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