The best, quick, effective way to remove allergens from your interior

September 22, 2018

The best, quick, effective way to remove allergens from your interior

Some people develop allergies in childhood, others develop allergies in adult life.  It is possible at any stage of life to develop sensitivity, usually occurring when your immune system identifies a substance as harmful.  That substance is referred to as an allergen. The allergen stimulates immune system cells to release certain chemicals, such as histamine, which then leads to symptoms like nasal passage blockage, sinuses issues, respiratory issues, skin rashes, and other symptoms. Reactions can vary from mild to severe.

Did you also know that it is possible that you can get allergy-like symptoms from too much exposure to mould. You might actually be allergic but are just breathing in too much mould. 

Mould expertise is what we at SAN-AIR provide. You can't see it but mould is in the very air with breathe. Each day you are breathing in thousands of counts of mould and for the most part, it is fine because your immune system is able to cope with it. It is when the concentration of mould get to high that your immune system fails to deal with it and then your body has a reaction to the mould. Sometimes this reaction can look exactly like an allergic reaction.

Through many years of research and development, we have created 100% natural active based set of products that are able to clean the air you breathe from mould and bacteria. Preventing any negative effects mould will have on your body. The products are:

  • Safe for people and pets in indoor spaces
  • No toxic chemicals
  • Effective at a very low concentration
  • Independently university tested

Use SAN-AIR products to address your mould problems.  Get started with our combination Surface Mould Remover and Mould Gone joint pack.

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