The Danger of Mould

February 27, 2018

The Danger of Mould

Mould is a serious health risk

There are countless documented cases where mould has affected an individual's health. From the respiratory infection cases to the ones causing death. There are many cases of permanent health conditions caused by overexposure to musty environments, these showing as anything from skin rashes to permanent infections in lungs and in some extreme cases around the human brain.

The biggest problem with mould is how hard it is to detect its effects before it's too late.

Mould will affect each person in a different way.  If you have any of the following symptoms you might want to seriously consider that you have a mould problem that is affecting your health:

  • Constant coughing when you are at home or work.
  • Constantly feeling sick at home or work.
  • The air smells musty and has an odour to it.
  • Visible mould anywhere in your home.
  • Bad odours coming out of your air-conditioning system.
  • Feeling unwell when you turn on your air-conditioning system.
  • If you have been sleeping poorly for a few months.
  • You have recently had a water leak in your home and you have started to feel unwell in the next few months.
  • You start to feel sick after moving into a new home.

We have seen enough times how mould is destroying the home lives of families. We have seen the stress that mould has caused. We have had people ask if they should tear down their homes and rebuild.

Most of the time it will take a few years to get to the point where it leaves you will a serious health condition.

It doesn't take much to ensure that you never get into this situation.  The first step of the process is detection.

You need to be able to identify and recognise that you have a mould problem. If you have any of the above symptoms, it's a good idea to test to see if you do have a problem.

Now is the time to act. The good news is that mould related issues can be all prevented from happening.

It is inevitable that you will get some mould in your home, but remember that it is easy to remove with SAN-AIR.

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