Time to sanitise your ski boots before storing them away for next season

September 30, 2018

Time to sanitise your ski boots before storing them away for next season

Heavy use of your boots during your ski vacation has probably built up the internal bacterial and mould levels.

Each day we use our boots, our feet sweat inside this enclosed space.  Bacteria builds up inside. When the bacteria reaches a critical mass you are going to start smelling the results.

On top of the bacteria, toxic mould can start to grow, moist damp conditions are the perfect environment for mould growth. 

Another way toxic mould is introduced into the boots, is if you took your boots off and walked around in your socks and then put the boots back on without a fresh pair of socks.

The SAN-AIR solution

SAN-AIR specialises in the removal of mould and bacteria from many situations. We are passionate about health and mould is a significant contributor to illness. We have a simple 3 step approach to revolving your boot smells.

The 3 steps to clean your boots before storing way for the next season:

  1. Clean the outside
    1. Brush off all dirt from under the boots.
    2. Spray SAN-AIR Surface Mould Remover over the outside of the boots and after 15 minutes, with a clean cloth, wipe the surface clean. Repeat with another clean cloth if needed. Don't reuse dirty cloths.
  2. Clean the inside
    1. If needed, shake clean or vacuum the inside of the boots to get rid of any fine dust, skin particles or other loose dirt.
    2. Spray SAN-AIR Surface Mould Remover inside the boots. 
  3. Finally spray the outside of the boots (top and underneath) and put inside a plastic bag or storage box together with an open SAN-AIR Mould Gone  jar and tie it closed.  Your boots are now in a concentrated SAN-AIR environment maximising its mould and bacteria neutralising effects.

    SAN-AIR will give you sanitised boots ready for the next season.

    To get the best cost effective, mould and bacterial solution buy our combination pack.

    SAN-AIR is made with 100% natural Australian ingredients. This means that it is safe to breath and touch. It will not cause any damage to your boots as there are no harmful or toxic chemicals in our products.

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