What vehicle is taking you on holiday? Is it free of germs?

October 05, 2018

What vehicle is taking you on holiday? Is it free of germs?

It's 12 weeks to Christmas and I'm counting. I can't wait to have a clean break and with limited time in my week, I need to do a little bit of prep each week to ensure I get to Christmas holidays with maximum readiness.

Aside from booking the holiday venue, booking activities, getting the appropriate clothes,  sorting out pet care and other stuff, I also need to ensure the cleanliness of the vehicle we'll use for travel so there are no unpleasant nasties lurking to impact me or my families health.

Travel vehicles are small enclosed spaces. SAN-AIR is perfect for these scenarios.

  1. Are you taking your own car or caravan?
  2. Are you taking the train or aeroplane?
  3. Are you cruising?

 If scenario 1 then

  • Do your normal clean of the vehicle
  • In the week before departure clean with SAN-AIR Surface Mould Remover 
    • Clean all the internal surfaces (as per product instructions) and end with a light spray of all surfaces including seats and carpet and let air dry
    • Put a jar of SAN-AIR Mould Gone in the vehicle and close all windows every night so that the gel can evaporate into the enclosed space, giving a concentrated hit to any residual germs and mould.
  • Thereafter at night, close all windows to the car so that the SAN-AIR Mould Gone gel continues to protect your interior
  • Buy the combination pack for a cost-effective solution 

If scenario 2 or 3 take  SAN-AIR Mould Gone with you and keep open in front of you on the train or plane and at night put next to your bed in your hotel or cabin room to continue the sanitising where you sleep.

With these products used in this way, you can maximise the health of your indoor spaces for a healthier holiday.



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