Plan to go caravanning in a healthy sanitised vehicle

October 19, 2018

Plan to go caravanning in a healthy sanitised vehicle

Small interiors can develop odours from mould build up. 

Caravans have a small internal volume which can often be an easy place for mould to build up. The internal space typically housing a kitchen, bedroom, bathroom and sitting area all in the same space as one of your rooms at home. In these types of environments where much is packed into a small space,  it can be hard and sometimes impossible to clean well everywhere.

SAN-AIR provides ongoing mould sanitisation without your elbow effort.

SAN-AIR is an evaporative gel that will get to those places you can't. Simply open the jar and leave inside the caravan with all windows and doors shut. SAN-AIR will evaporate into the air and travel to every nook and cranny neutralising all mould and bacteria it comes into contact with.

With the  SAN-AIR Surface Mould Remover, you can quickly clean problem areas.










After the Holiday

When parking your caravan ready for the next trip, place another open SAN-AIR jar to neutralise any new invaders. You may want to consider one of our larger packs if the vehicle will be unused for more than 2 months.  Remember to keep all doors and windows shut.

Live and sleep in healthy indoor environments with SAN-AIR.

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