Put SAN-AIR in your take onboard travel bag.

September 24, 2018

Put SAN-AIR in your take onboard travel bag.

When we travel, we are in small enclosed spaces with a bunch of people of various health. Have you ever sat next to the person who constantly sniffs?  Or near someone with travel sickness that vomits? Or other .......

We like to ensure that when we, friends and family travel, a jar of SAN-AIR Mould Gone goes into the onboard hand luggage as well.

Simply settle into your seat, open the jar and place on the drop down table or leave in your open bag near your person. At the end of the journey, just put back into your on-board bag and leave as usual.

While travelling SAN-AIR will act on the airborne germs, starting with those closest to the jar.

Continue to take your usual precautions to stay healthy.

Planes, trains, buses, vehicles this product will help you.

For some added boost our Waterless Handwash and SAN-AURA necklace with SAN-AIR concentrate will further support your keep healthy goals.

Try all three today!

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