Finished renovating? how about a cleanse of your air-conditioning ducting to round it off

November 15, 2018

Finished renovating? how about a cleanse of your air-conditioning ducting to round it off

When you have finished renovating stand back, look and enjoy what you have created. You deserve the pleasure of that moment. The time, the money and the effort were worth it I'm sure. 

The easy finishing touch for your renovation is to cleanse your air-conditioning ducting.

This is important for several reasons:

  1. You should remove any mould and bacteria from your ducting that could be picked up on the circulating air and delivered straight to your nose. You may find that you have a physical reaction to these airborne contaminants.
  2. You don't want these airborne contaminants and allergens to land on the new/refreshed furniture.
  3. You want to remove any lingering smells from the air conditioning and replace with a fresh air fragrance.

How to cleanse the ducting?

With SAN-AIR Air Conditioning simply open the jar, remove the seal, replace the lid and place the jar in the return air vent inside your home. Open the vents fully if you think there is a noticeable problem.  Turn the air-conditioner on and let run for a couple of hours for a few days in a row. This will give an immediate big hit to any mould and bacteria colonies in the ducting as well as sanitise the circulating air.


With this product, you will get 6-8 weeks of sanitisation. Over this period the gel will have evaporated into your circulating air neutralising any airborne mould and bacteria as well as any that is on a surface.  

For a year of silent sanitising without any elbow effort from yourself, get 6-8 jars and simply diarise on your calendar via your mobile phone to replace the jar every 6-8 weeks.

Its a small jar but it packs a big punch to mould and bacteria.

Not only will you have an immediate sanitising effect on your ducting, you will be putting in place a barrier for any newly introduced bugs to take hold in your interior. In particular, this is important, in that when any family or guests come into your home spreading bugs (through coughing, sneezing etc.), SAN-AIR will be silently working for you to neutralise these new invaders.

SAN-AIR products all have natural plant-based actives.  There are no toxic chemicals in our products. Safety for you your family and pets is our primary principle.


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