Does your mould inspection report have a disclaimer for mould expertise?

September 18, 2018

Does your mould inspection report have a disclaimer for mould expertise?

If you are paying over $1000 for an expert mould report would you expect it can be used for litigation?  Most people would! 

Check the disclaimer and conditions of so-called "expert reports".    It has come to our attention recently that it is common to see clauses like below in expert reports that make them invalid for litigation purposes

  • " ...this report provides first-round advice that does not meet evidentiary standards required by Expert Witness Codes of Conduct.  It is therefore not suitable for litigation purposes."
  • "...this report and all its contents is prepared for scoping works ... may not necessarily be suitable for presentation in litigation and other Court or Tribunal actions.."

NCAT (NSW Civil and Administrative Tribunal ) recently only accepted the SAN-AIR report from 3 expert reports, as the other two reports by their own written admissions were not acceptable.

Before proceeding with any home inspections for mould make sure to see a sample report from the provider and review all the Disclaimer and Conditions clauses to ensure the report is acceptable in litigation.

SAN-AIR stands by its Home Health Inspection reports.

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