When travelling take two items to help you breathe clean air

November 03, 2018

When travelling take two items to help you breathe clean air

Planes are small enclosed environments.  You sit on a plane for several hours breathing air that is circulated via air conditioning.  The airborne material is spread throughout the plane fairly quickly through this process. Allergens, airborne mould spores and bacteria will circulate to all passengers.

Of course, the air conditioner filters will stop larger particles but the smaller ones will continue to circulate.


When my family and I travel we always take SAN-AIR products with us.

For an upcoming trip we

 will take the following products


We'll take a couple of jars and a neck chain each.

SAN-AIR Mould Gone  - this has multiple purposes. Open a jar and let evaporate to cleanse the air in all enclosed spaces from the plane through to your hotel room.

SAN-AURA necklace - this will give you an added boost to keep the air immediately near your face more protected from germs. We have a number of different styles.

It's not much extra in your luggage, but a big impact on your trip.

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