You need more than ventilation to keep your indoor space free of mould and bacteria

October 24, 2018

You need more than ventilation to keep your indoor space free of mould and bacteria

Buildings with a high number of occupants have higher levels of mould entering the premises.

Mould will enter the building via the higher traffic of people. It will come in through

  • Shoes - dirt on the soles
  • Clothes - dust on clothes
  • Germs from people - spread through coughing, sneezing etc.
  • Air conditioning - higher use in hot and cold months, circulating all airborne contaminants to all interior spaces

All of this results in higher concentrations of bacteria inside, resulting in a higher risk of illness to the people living there.

Ventilation is good, but remember, this is a two-way street: germs and bacteria will go out as well as come in.

Similarly, air conditioning filters stop a certain amount of bugs but they also let through a certain amount of bugs.

SAN-AIR products are purpose-built to stop mould and bacteria in indoor spaces. A lot of time and research went into the development of SAN-AIR products. The materials used are natural, plant-based and safe for human beings and pets. They contain no toxic chemicals at all.

With a jar of SAN-AIR Mould Gone in every room, or SAN-AIR Air conditioning products in the return air vents of your air conditioning system, the overall health of a building will substantially improve.

At SAN-AIR, we have many before and after test cases proving the difference.  The SAN-AIR gel evaporates into the air, neutralising all mould and bacteria it comes into contact with.

At SAN-AIR we are passionate about indoor air quality. We can help substantially reduce the total number of airborne contaminants.

Our customers have told us many times how they have felt better after using SAN-AIR products in their homes. "Stops my coughing" is one of the most common phrases in the feedback we receive.  Have a look at our Reviews page for some of these comments.

Contact us today through the form below, to get the right products for your situation.

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