Why NOT Tea Tree Oil for air sanitisation?

November 05, 2016

Why NOT Tea Tree Oil for air sanitisation?

Products based on Tea Tree Oil are in the market but have a low reputation for performance. We interviewed many users of these products and received comments indicating that the musty smells would return quickly and frequently within a day.
  • A number of Consumer Health organisations were developing concerns as early as 2001 on Tea Tree Oil use because of the many reports of sensitisation on people. Research over time by the European Union’s SCCP[1] body, which prepares very thorough investigations on products and materials, shows that anything containing 2% Tea Tree Oil and above is a clear skin and respiratory sensitiser/irritant.
  • The SCCP document also states that safe levels of Tea Tree oil for humans does not work as an antimicrobial agent.


EUROPEAN COMMISSION HEALTH & CONSUMER PROTECTION DIRECTORATE-GENERAL December 2008 [SCCP/1155/08].  SCCP found that neat TTO and formulations containing 5% TTO can exhibit skin irritancy (SCCP/1155/08, pp. 18). Moreover, neat TTO is a sensitizer in humans (pp. 25).”  The TTO monograph submitted by the Norwegian delegation in 2001, indicates that only products having a conc. of 2% or more seem to cause skin reactions ((Council of Europe, 2001: pp. 24).

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