You might not actually be Alergic

September 05, 2018

You might not actually be Alergic

Did you just wake up one morning and notice that you were allergic to certain foods. 

If you have developed a food allergy out of nowhere then you might not actually be allergic. It could just be a high level of exposure to mould and mycotoxins. 

This could be a strong indicator that you have a serious mould problem somewhere where you spend a lot of time. Inhaling too many mould spores and mycotoxins can cause your body to react in many different ways. 

One of the ways that your body can react is by developing an allergic reaction to certain food. What is happening is that the mould is damaging your body and your body is no longer able to deal with processing certain foods. 

If this sounds like you it is time to test. Test anywhere you spend a lot of time. The tests will be able to determine if you have a high concentration of mould in your living space. 

SAN-AIR DIY mould and bacteria test kit 

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