Cleaning Air-Conditioning Systems

Cleaning Air-Conditioning Systems

SAN-AIRtm has years of experience in supporting HVAC professionals to remove mould or bacteria build up in air-conditioning systems.  Small or large, home, office or large commercial systems are all within our range of expertise.

Advise us of the type of system you have:

  • Split System
  • Mini split air-conditioning
  • Window air-conditioner
  • Portable air-conditioning
  • Hybrid air-conditioner’s
  • Ceiling Units/ Pack Units
  • AHU (Air Handler Units)
  • Reverse Cycle air-conditioning
  • Ducted air-conditioning
  • Ductless air-conditioning
  • Other

Email or call us on 0433347094 to talk to a mould expert and determine the right SAN-AIRtm solution to clean mould from your air-conditioning unit. 

If you are not experienced in maintaining air-conditioning equipment, SAN-AIRtm can support you with recommended professional services.

We recommend that any service that requires the handling of electrical equipment, connection or disconnection or climbing heights should be carried out by professional tradesmen.

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