Mould Removal

Emergency Mould Cleaning Kit for Home and Small Office

You have a mould emergency, we have the solution for you.

This Emergency Mould Cleaning kit was specifically designed to offer a three-step comprehensive solution to dealing with any mould emergency.

  1. Test
    Measure twice, cut once. Make sure you know how bad the problem is that you are dealing with.
  2. Clean
    The mould has overstayed its welcome: it's time to get rid of it.
  3. Prevent
    Now that you've ridden yourself of the mould, it's time to make sure that it never comes back. Introduce a maintenance program.

Buy our ready to go cleaning and mould prevention kit, packed for you in a convenient carry container.  Simply buy replacement items from our product selection when needed.

What is in the Kit?



4x Before and After Test Kits


1x 500ml Surface Mould Remover
2x Disposable gloves
1x Facemask
3x Cleaning Cloths


1x 250gm SAN-AIR gel block for Air Conditioning unit
3x 75gm room SAN-AIR gel 


1x Water-less Hand Cleaner for your hands after you finish. Contains SAN-AIR, ensuring that any residual mould or bacteria on your hands is treated.

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