Commercial Applications

Commercial Applications

For exclusive extra strength MOULD and other germs control trade products please contact:

SAN-AIR is best in class natural product to reduce MOULD and BACTERIAL microbial contamination in indoor environments.

Control of contaminates like mould and bacteria is crucial to a productive working environment.  The impact to businesses of microbial contamination can have many impacts to the well-being and profitability of organisations.  For example:

  • Decreasing productivity
  • Increasing absenteeism
  • Contaminated goods requiring recall
  • Ruining goods

Having a safe healthy working environment where every employee can perform optimally is crucial.

SAN-AIR stops the spread of harmful germs, moulds and bacteria within your air space as well as on surfaces. SAN-AIR is delivered conveniently throughout the building or indoor space through the air-conditioning system.

SAN-AIR technology is all natural and extremely safe. With confirmed effectiveness against COVID-19, bacteria and mould. There is no safer way to ensure that any building has the best Indoor Air Quality.

Food Safe certified reference H3023.

For TRADE PRICES & TRADE SIZE PACKS (5 litre & 15 litre) contact our office to register your business.  Call us on 0433 347 094 or email.

Large Air Handler Units

Commercial Uses

Businesses that are currently using SAN-AIR to prevent germs, mould and bacteria from causing any damage include:

  • Catering organisations
  • Large Food manufacturers
  • Hospitals
  • Mining
  • Government buildings
  • many others


SAN-AIR’s unique technology provides clients with

  • a highly effective microbial reduction solution while being extremely safe to humans and animals
  • a whole of environment solution for AIR and SURFACES that has no equal
  • a solution that utilises existing air-conditioning equipment of  commercial/industrial sites
  • a solution without the need for additional expenditure for auxiliary equipment
  • a solution where cleaning staff are using a natural product rather than hazardous chemical alternatives

SAN-AIR has been extensively tested to ensure the effectiveness of the product so that our customers can be assured they are getting the effective and validated b est of breed product.

SAN-AIR’s formulation uses all natural products and no toxic chemicals.

SAN-AIR solves problems.

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