Commercial – Our Capability

Commercial – Our Capability

SAN-AIR are experts in addressing toxic MOULD and BACTERIA.

SAN-AIR supports Trade and Commercial businesses through:

  • quality natural effective mould removal products 
    • 15ml Split system sanitizer
    • 50ml concentrated gel for air-conditioning maintenance
    • 75gm Jar for small to medium-sized rooms
    • 250gm Black box for medium to large rooms
    • 500gm Black box for large rooms and AHU’s
    • 1Kg Black box for AHU’s
    • Coil cleaner concentrate product
    • Surface mould remover sold in 500ml container (can be made in 5, 10 or 20Lt on request)
    • for trade prices contact our office to register your business.  Call us on  02 88095350 or  0433 347 094 or email.
  • consulting
  • ability to comply with government specifications
  • strong documentation
    • reported evidence of  SAN-AIRtm performance
    • case studies
    • product MSDS
  • Test products and services
    • quotations to carry out IAQ tests and recommend remedial steps
    • test services
    • training to show you how to do your own tests
  • DIY Test Kits for air-conditioning and surfaces for and home & office
Single test packs as well as professional use multi-pack kits are available.  Use them to monitor the health of air conditioning systems, or whenever you need a fast response:
    • after a maintenance clean
    • in response to a customer request
    • as a routine check
  • DIY  Water test kits which are
    • easy to use
    • low cost
    • excellent and accurate numeric test kits with easy to read results
    • can be used to check go/ no go
    • can be used to measure accurately level of contamination
    • tests kits for Total, Plate Count, E Coli and Total Coliforms, as well as an array of chemical water tests.
    • Use to test:
      • Air-conditioning
      • Drinking water
      • Tank water
      • Recycled water
      • Cooling tower water
      • Swimming pools
      • any situation where a water sample is needed.
  • Quality Control
    • We have an advanced laboratory capable of carrying out it’s own testing on just about anything to do with our business and yours. Ask us about analysis and Indoor Air Quality measurement.
    • Whether it is chemical analysis or plastic part quality checks, we can support you.  If you believe you have a microbiological issue, we can measure and report.
    • Prices are reasonable and turn around time is prompt.

    Established for over 10 years SAN-AIR has developed a presence in the HVAC industry for effective natural mould control.

    Member of AIRAH since 2005.

    SAN-AIR is conversant in multiple regulatory regimes, having interacted over the years with industry bodies such as TGA, APVMA, EC, FDA, MCA, USEPA, Thai FDA, Malaysian Ministry of Health and Austrade.

    Additionally, SAN-AIR staff have a strong background in Pure and Applied Chemistry enabling us to consistently develop new market leading products.

    Our clients use SAN-AIR capability and products to support goals in

    • IAQ
    • Food Safety
    • Sustainable building accreditation
    • Problem identification and remediation
    • Environmental assessments
    • Building Health assessments
    • 1st step in remediation activity
      • SAN-AIR products are used as a pre-remediation step to reduce toxic mould levels prior to the commencement of remediation, thereby reducing the health risk to staff conducting remediation activity
      • Supports an organisation in reducing HSW risks.
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