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Yes, based on the independent testing done over several years, SAN-AIR has been proven to work on all known moulds. 

SAN-AIR’s Aerosperse technology uses evaporation and contact time to quickly reduce the indoor airborne microbial infestation.

SAN-AIR will evaporate into the air space and over time come into contact with air borne germs. Upon contact, SAN-AIR has been independently proven to upon contact kill the mould through interfering with its breathing process and kill bacteria by interfering with its reproductive process. 

Fungus, mould and bacteria are common throughout all environments on earth.  They share and thrive in the same environment humans live, competing for the same living space and air. 

An indoor air space can be affected in multiple ways from 1) an excessive number of occupants to inadequate ventilation, 2) the occupants (people and pets) bringing the germs in via their clothes, shoes etc., 3) the occupants being themselves infected and breathing out germs into the environment, 4) very commonly, when open windows let in air that is contaminated with airborne germs such as in spring when pollen containing mould is blown about, 5) when the building has defects that result in water accumulation in walls or floors enabling mould and bacteria to grow.

Any factor can initiate build-up of mould and bacteria. When mould and bacteria reach above certain concentration levels, people start becoming ill.

It is a simple as opening the packet and placing in the desired location.

SAN-AIR is made from natural ingredients placed in a biodegradable gel. All products are environmentally friendly and presents no known hazards toward people or pets.  For further information an MSDS is available.

A closed air environment is one where the air is recirculated.

Closed air environments are buildings where people work and or live, and transport vehicles (cars, trucks, trains, planes) with closed windows.

SAN-AIR products can be used in any closed air environment.


In the home or office you can place these products in any room, storage, wardrobes, kitchen, bathroom, in fact anywhere that is an enclosed indoor space.

In vehicles like cars, trucks, machinery cabins etc. the gel jars can be placed near the air-conditioning to circulate the evaporated product throughout the internal space.

In boats and caravans and storage facilities, place the gel jars inside to address the build up of mould and airborne pathogens.

In all types of air-conditioning from split systems, ducted or plant room place into the return air vent for maximum circulation through to all rooms and get the additional benefit of the internal ducting being sanitised.


Clean and sanitise your surfaces regularly using the appropriate surface products. SAN-AIR Surface cleaners can be used on all surfaces of furniture, walls and floors, air-conditioning coils and filters. Follow the easy to use instructions.

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