I Feel Sick All The Time

I Feel Sick All The Time

You need to Test, Clean and Maintain. We have the products for you  with or without air-conditioning!

This is one of the most common red flags when it comes to mould. If you are feeling sick all the time at work or home or anywhere where you spend long hours, or you have been to the doctor many times but the problem does not seem to go away. Then mould could be your problem.

Understanding the problem

These red flags indicate that your health is most likely being affected by mould. You may not even be able to see the mould is in your home. It is not always black and visible.

Mould comes in every colour of the spectrum and all moulds are dangerous if not controlled. Everybody is affected by mould in a different way depending upon the concentration levels of mould in the air that you breathe. Higher concentration levels of mould can lead to serious permanent health effects like CIRS (Chronic Inflammatory Response Syndrome). Some mould like black mould is considered more dangerous because they are damaging at lesser concentrations than other moulds.

The solution

The mould you see growing on your wall is not the mould that is affecting your health. These moulds that you can see growing on your walls spit out mould spores into the air. It is when you breathe in these mould spores that they start to harm you and release mycotoxins into your system. When you breathe in too many mould spores your health is affected.

We have specifically designed the Mould Gone product to combat this issue. By placing Mould Gone in your bedroom, Kitchen, Family area, Air-conditioning unit or anywhere indoors that you spend a lot of time. You can clean the air that you breathe and stop mould in its tracks.

Mould Gone will evaporate into the air and as it comes into contact with mould and mould spores it will neutralise the mould and clean your air. Preventing any of the horrible effects mould can have on your body.

So what are you waiting for?

with SAN-AIR products.

Other Options

If you can not work out where your problem is originating from, or you don’t feel comfortable dealing with your mould issue, contact us and we can guide you through your mould issue or we can organise a Home Health Inspection and remediation.

Contact us for professional help.

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