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What is SAN-AIRtm

SAN-AIRtm is a new innovative natural chemistry technology built to address the removal of mould in indoor environments.  Initially focused on  airborne mould treatment, its range has been extended to surfaces as well.
It is designed to remove bacteria, mould and fungus from the air and surfaces.
Originally designed to be used with air conditioning air handlers, we now have a wider range of products that suit specific situations.

Where can SAN-AIRtm products be used?

SAN-AIRtm products can be used in any closed air environment.  In the home (shoe storage, wardrobes, kitchen), workplace, car, boat, caravan,  storage facilities, agricultural machinery cabins, in fact anywhere where mould and bacteria can potentially build up. 

Does SAN-AIR work on all types of mould?

Science believes we have only classified 1% of all germ species present on the planet.

Our independent data shows up to 99% efficacy. 


Is SAN-AIRtm safe for the environment?

SAN-AIRtm is made from natural certified ingredients placed in a biodegradable gel. 
It is environmentally friendly and presents no known hazards toward people or pets.
For further information an MSDS is available.

What is a closed air environment?

A closed air environment is one where the air is recirculated.

How easily can it be installed?

It is a simple as opening the packet and placing in the desired location.

How does fungus, mould and bacteria get into an indoor air space? 

Fungus, mould and bacteria are common throughout all environments on earth.
They share and thrive in the same environment humans live, competing for the same living space and air.
An indoor air space can be affected by several factors, from an excessive number of occupants to inadequate ventilation. Any factor can initiate build-up of mould and bacteria. When mould and bacteria get to a certain level then people start becoming ill.

How does it work?

By evaporation and contact time. Allow SAN-AIRtm to evaporate and over time it will cause mould to reduce through interfering with its breathing process and it will act on bacteria by interfering with its reproductive process.

Where can I buy it?

You can purchase all SAN-AIRtm products online.  Trade will need to contact us directly.  The product is also available at selected IGA, Mitre10 and several health supply stores.