Where to use SAN-AIR Products

Disinfection for COVID-19

Products include:
500ml, 5litre, 15litre - SAN-AIR V3R Commercial/Household Grade Disinfectant

The latest SAN-AIR invention, recently listed with TGA for the use of cleaning of COVID-19 affected surfaces.


Bio Clean Gel Products for Air Disinfection & Purification

Products include:
15gm, 50gm, 75gm, 100gm, 250gm, 500gm, 1Kg - Bio Clean Gel

The Bio Gel product range is intended for use in indoor air space. Typically these products can be used in any existing air-conditioning system for optimal effect. Regardless of the type of system in place, split system, cassette or ducted system, SAN-AIR Bio Clean Gel is easy to install. 

When used in conjunction with an air-conditioning system all SAN-AIR Bio Clean Gel products are placed in the return air compartment or just in front of the coils/ filters. This ensures that decontamination and air purification of the entire air conditioning system is occurring ensuring that clean purified air is circulated throughout the building.

To remediate and purify an environment that does not have an air-conditioning system, simply place the SAN-AIR Bio Clean Gel within the room near where you believe the source of the problem is. The product will evaporate into the room, following the natural air-currents that form within the room and as it does so coming into contact with microbial contamination where it will quietly and efficiently kill the germs in the air. It does not take very much airflow for the product to move through the room. 

These products are also available with the new V3R formulation.  The  SAN-AIR V3R range of products were created in 2020 to address heavy airborne microbial infection.  The formulation has been independently tested and validated.


Surface Sanitisers

Products include:
Surface Mould Remover, LD Concentrate, Coil Cleaner Concentrate

SAN-AIR surface sanitisers are intended for any surface where protection from microbial contamination is needed. By following the SAN-AIR methodology of:

  1. Spray and leave for 10 minutes
  2. Wipe surface with a clean cloth
  3. Spray a fine mist and leave to air dry

99.99% of microbial contamination can be removed from the surface. 

When a fogging application is needed, we recommend using the LD Concentrate as this product was designed to be used as a fogging solution. The Surface Mould Remover and Coil Cleaner products can also be used.  All products can be used with a hot or cold fogging machine.


Testing for Bacteria and Mould

Products include:
DIY Mould and Bacteria test kit

The test kits are a simple to use technology enabling customers to detect where there may be mould or bacteria growing in the indoor environment. The DIY test kits are designed to show the concentration of mould and bacteria via a low, medium or high reading.

This reading is typically enough to know if the test area is being effected by mould or bacteria. A reading in the medium to high range is a indication that there is a significant level of contamination that may be starting to affect the health of the occupants, if not already having a health impact.

The test kits can be sent to a laboratory if identification of the moulds and bacteria are necessary.