Mould Removal

Removing mould properly without making the problem worse or spreading it can be tricky. 
At SAN-AIR we understand mould and we designed our products to first neutralise the mould before removal. This is done to ensure that:
  1. When you touch the mould it does not spread more mould spores
  2. It is safe for you to clean

If you do not neutralise the mould properly before removing the mould, it ejects mould spores into the air, further spreading it into the living space. This is dangerous for two reasons:

  1. If you breathe in the mould spores that are spread they will cause serious harm to your health. 
  2. The mould could attach to another surface and continue to grow and spread and your clean would have been pointless. 

Mould removal is the prime purpose of the SAN-AIRtm product range.

SAN-AIR is the perfect combination of nature and science. 

We make sure that your safety and health is a priority. SAN-AIR does not contain any toxic chemicals and is very pleasant to use. 


How to remove mould with SAN-AIRtm  Surface Mould Remover spray

  1. Locate the mould outbreak.
  2. Spray the affected area with SAN-AIRtm Surface Mould Remover Spray.
  3. Wait for 15 minutes then wipe the area with a dry cloth.
  4. Change clothes often to avoid spreading contamination.  Do not reuse clothes.
  5. Wipe or rinse the treated surface with clean water.
  6. Set the SAN-AIRtm Mould Remover Spray to very fine mist and spray the clean surface again to leave a fine mould prevention coating.

Signs that you have a mould problem:

  • Detection of a musty smell when entering a premise
  • Visual observation of mould on walls/ furniture/ furnishings
  • Visual observation of mould on clothing/shoes
  • Car air-conditioner has gone musty
  • Car smells like sweaty sports clothes
  • Car smells like cigarette smoke
  • You have used our Indoor Air Quality test kit and it has displayed a mould or bacterial result.


    SAN-AIRtm Solutions

    SAN-AIRtm stops the mould and bacteria by impacting its' ability to multiply so that it cannot spread to further areas of your home, office or vehicle. The product comes in two forms:

      1. Gel - evaporates into the air to give you large coverage and mould, bacteria protection. This  product is best used in conjunction with air-conditioning systems in your:
        • Home
        • Office
        • Car
        • Workplace
        • Bathroom
        By placing the product in the return air vent, as the gel evaporates it will be taken by the air flow and spread throughout your indoor air space. This will give you a wide range of protection from mould and bacteria. This is also great if you notice that there are bad odours coming from your air conditioning.

          2. Liquid - spray on specific areas that are either outdoor or fabrics. This product comes in the form of a spray bottle. If you have mould, mildew either:

          • In hard to reach places
          • Outside on furniture 
          • On awnings
          • On wooden objects
          • On fabric like material
          • On clothing


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