Mould Removal

What is mould removal?

Mould removal is the processes of purging all mould from your home, office or indoor space. 

We don't just remove mould for the sake of removing mould. We remove mould because left untreated, mould will cause severe damage to your health. 

And your health is extremely important to us at SAN-AIR. 

 Mould removed

Signs that you have a mould problem:


  • Detection of a musty smell when entering a premise
  • Visual observation of mould on walls/ furniture/ furnishings
  • Visual observation of mould on clothing/shoes
  • Reoccurring sickness in yourself or family members
  • Constant coughing
  • Itchy eyes
  • Sudden onset of allergies.
  • Fatigue
  • Car air-conditioner has gone musty
  • Car smells like sweaty sports clothes
  • Car smells like cigarette smoke
  • You have used our Indoor Air Quality test kit and it has displayed a mould or bacterial result.



    What is involved in Mould Removal

    Option 1 - DIY

    Our products are designed to be easy to use, so that you can fix your mould problems yourself. The greatest benefit of doing this is that the cost is significantly reduced. 

    To clean your home you will need to:

    1 - Wear gloves and a face mask as minimum protection from the mould. You do NOT want to breathe in any mould or mould spores. 

    2 - Place one of the SAN-AIR 75/ 250/ 500/ 1000 gm packs in the room with the object/s that you wish to clean.

    3 - Carefully spray the mould with the SAN-AIR surface mould remover. Leave for 15  - 20 minutes and then wipe away with a clean cloth. 

    Option 2 - Paid Cleaning

    If you are uncertain and would like to get professionals to clean your home. Gives us a call on 0433347094 and we can help you and go through with you what it will cost and what you can expect to happen.