Why are the SAN-AIR products better than the rest?

Here are the reasons why SAN-AIRtm is better than the rest:
  1. Made from natural plant derived ingredients
  2. No harmful chemicals
  3. Biodegradable
  4. No phosphates 
  5. No petroleum based ingredients
  6. Leaves a natural protective coating on surfaces when using our cleaner
  7. We don’t use synthetic chemicals - so no smells
  8. Safe to use in food areas - Food safe certification
  9. Safe for use around pets
  10. Safe for use around people
  11. Easy to use
  12. Long lasting
  13. Effective
  14. Independently tested ( ask us for our case studies)
  15. Keep your indoor environment fresh for longer
Now is the best time for you, your family and friends to use the SAN-AIRtm range of products.
  • Our Mould Removers
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