Car Air Purifier Reactive Gel 75g

Car Air Purifier Reactive Gel 75g

$30.60 inc. GST


  • 24/7 air purification for your vehicle
  • Long lasting up to 2 months in your car
  • Removes odours leaving your car feeling fresh
  • Removes smoke/ cigarette odours
  • Safe to use, even while you are driving.


The SAN-AIR Car Air Purifier is a 100% natural product designed to improve the indoor air quality of your vehicle. By evaporating into the air space SAN-AIR product is able to remove the germs that cause bad odours in your car.

Lots of germs find there way into the air-conditioning systems in your car. This is typically the first place that you will notice odours coming from. The SAN-AIR Car Air Purifier, effectively gets to the root of the problem and eliminates it.

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