Caravan, Boat, Storage Mould Remover 80g

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Mould can grow in your Caravan, Boats and Rental Storage units.

Mould can grow anywhere, don't let it get out of control

If you hate coming back to your caravan, boat, or rental storage unit after a long period of time, and finding it mouldy, then SAN-AIRtm is what you need.

Why is it perfect?

  1. It continues to work when you are not there - Using this product, you can ensure that you will not get mould growing in or on your property while you are away from it.
  2. You can use it while you are using your caravan, boat or storage unit to ensure that you don't get any mould or musty smells. You will not experience the nasty smells of toxic chemicals. 
  3. SAN-AIRtm is a 100% natural and Australian made mould remover. There are no harmful or toxic chemicals used in the product. It is perfect for boats, caravans and rental storage as the product will not cause any damage to you or your property. 

Product details

  • Life time: 4 - 6 weeks
  • Weight: 75 grams
  • Coverage:
    • 1-2 jars for 100 - 200 square metres
    • 3-6 jars for up to 350 square metres


User Reviews

"I recently discovered San-Air at a trade show and have to say in all my 20+ years of pleasure boating, I’ve finally found a product that works to combat the battle against a stale cabin and mould.
For those that are unaware of the issues, we can face on boats. With the cold nights and the warm days its a constant breeding ground for moisture and mould to develop on curtains, linen, lounges and exposed surfaces.
With the San-Air product, we no longer have an ongoing mould problem within the cabin and get aboard each time with confidence of no mould and no mould related sneezing or sinus issues anymore.

I highly recommend any “Boatie" with stale air, moisture and mould problems to try San-Air and experience it for themselves!"

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