Car Sanitizer Pack

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Want a fresh Car?

Cleanse your car of bad odours, for a cleaner and fresher drive every time

If you have musty, stale air or bad smells coming from your vehicle's air-conditioning this is the product for you.
The SAN-AIRtm Car Sanitizer is easily able to be clipped into car air vents and from here enable the vehicle to undergo sanitzing treatment removing the mould and bacteria that has built up.  SAN-AIR removes the root of the problem.
Common problems the SAN-AIRtm Car Sanitizer solves:
  • Removes musty smells coming from your car
  • Removes the mould in your car and air-conditioning
  • Removes the odour of cigarette smoke
  • Cleanse your car from the smells of a previous owner

The pack includes:

  • 2 - SAN-AIRtm Car Sanitizer packs, each providing 1 week treatment and 2 weeks of fragrance
  • 1 - case
  • 1 - clip (to attach to car air vents)
  • Manual with information and instructions.

Product details

  • Life time: 1 week treatment per stick per car


Note: This product works best with windows shut and the car on closed air loop cycle.

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