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Complete Coverage Pack

SAN-AIRtm is a unique proven, natural mould remover.  There is nothing like it elsewhere in the world. Using a special blend of Australian natural essential oils, we have created a completely natural and environmentally friendly way of removing mould from your home, car, boat, caravan and any other indoor environment.

Each product is optimised for the environment it is designed to service.

SAN-AIRtm does not contain any harmful or toxic chemicals, this means that you don't have to evacuate your home just to clean it. The product is safe for you, your family and your pets. 

Mould spores enter your home or office all the time, either on your clothes, shoes, through the window or via the air-conditioning. There is no practical way to stop entry, however, you can stop them from taking hold and growing.  This is what SAN-AIRtm does, it stops the mould from growing, multiplying and then it proceeds to remove mould from your indoor environment.

The Complete Coverage Pack includes:

  • 1 SAN-AIRtm Home/Office Sanitizer
  • 1 SAN-AIRtm Pet Odour Eliminator
  • 1 MozzyNo   (Gets rid of mosquitoes)
  • 1 SAN-AIRtm Air-Conditioning Sanitizer
  • 1 SAN-AIRtm Boats/Caravans/Rental Storage Sanitizer

A total of 5 different sanitizers so you can be completely covered this season.


Product details

  • Lifetime: 4 - 6 weeks per pack once opened
  • Indoor Coverage:
    • 1-2 jars for 100 - 200 square metres
    • 3-6 jars for up to 350 square metres

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