Personal Leisure

A lovely pendant containing SAN-AIR that will help you feel great.

Wear it when travelling on planes, trains or other closed transport or just wear it to work or socially.

The product will evaporate into the air around you and give you a pleasant lavender, lemon or melaleuca aroma.  The choice is yours.

5 Pendant choices

  • Tear drop (32mm)
  • Medallion (32mm by 10mm)
  • Rose Gold charm (20mm)
  • Silver charm (20mm)
  • Bronze charm (20mm)

Put 2 drops of SAN-AURA onto the absorbent pad or absorbent ball then place into the pendant.  You can wear it straight away.

Replenish the SAN-AURA daily for best results.

SAN-AURA  contains SAN-AIR which is safe, with no harmful or toxic chemicals, proudly Australian made, with 100% natural Australian ingredients.

Product details

  • Life time: Unused bottle shelf life -2 years

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