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Stops sneezing, got musky smell under control.

My children had sinus and sneezing when these had run out in dispenser.. order more and within a day they were happy and no sneezing!.

October 2018 (SAN-AIR Mould Gone)

Great service.

The mould test kit is a great product. It works exactly as the website says it does. I had a question so I sent an email with my query. Daniel called me straight back and was very happy to help. After feeling quite stressed about my health due to suspicions of poor indoor air quality, I now feel confident that there are steps I can take to resolve and reliable products to use. Thank you

September 2018 (SAN-AIR Test Kits)


Great product that performs very well.

I use it in my home all the time.

September 2018 (SAN-AIR Mould Gone)

 The product is easily placed

The product is easily placed in the A/C intact area and is effective for min 3 months. I have full faith in the effectiveness of this product and other items I am currently using within our household for the management of mould.

August 2018 (SAN-AIR 250g Air Handler pack)

Coil cleaner

Works as described, also found several other uses with leftover spray. Cleans mould of my pergola rafters and concrete retaining wall. Would recommend to anyone cheaper than using many other products on the market and far safer. Lindsay

July 2018 (SAN-AIR Coil Cleaner)


Purchased this along with an air test kit. Product arrived earlier than expected, does exactly as described. Can’t recommend you guys enough.

July 2018 (SAN-AIR Mould Gone & Test Kits)


Just to give some feedback I was quite surprised with your product. I used to have mould growth on my white Venetian blinds which would come back what seemed like instantly after cleaning (I used to use vinegar). Being white blinds, you can imagine that it was not a pretty sight. I am not sure if it is because of the jar of product I keep nearby now or from the initial application of the spray, but in the 6 months since application, I have seen no regrowth. And with a young child that makes me feel a lot safer. July 15, 2016


I am very happy with the results after using SAN-AIR, finally got rid of the mould problem in the house and a very pleasant smell. Michelle S.  Oct 07, 2016


This product makes the rooms feel fresh and clean.  Use the jar of SanAir in all my rooms.  The little trade packs for the air conditioners keep the air conditioners clean of mould and the air smell clean and great!
Having an inside puppy it is very important to keep the house from smelling fresh. Mirta M Jul 25, 2016


“San Air is one of the few products I have used that has actually provided results equal to or greater than what that it boasts on the label. I had heard of friends using San Air for the first time after relatively long periods of illness such as coughing or prolonged colds or flues and that it had always eliminated or drastically reduced the duration of these illnesses, so I was keen to see for myself. I have used it multiple times in my room and work office to get rid of long-lasting coughs (including whooping cough) and it has never failed me. I would be very happy to recommend San Air to all my friends and family as I have seen the results first hand.”  MP (S Hills)


I have been using this in my main bathroom with great results. I’m now going to put one in my other 2 bathrooms and in my wardrobe. Name withheld Aug 07, 2016 


It is very quiet doing its job and the mould is definitely going away. Maria M.  Jul 25, 2016


My experience of this product has been second to none. I was sceptical at first because the claims to eliminate mould and bacteria without direct contact seemed far-fetched and I hadn’t used anything of its kind before. But SAN-AIR excelled in every application I tried it in, some of which was simply to push the extent to which the product would work after it passed every test. Initially, I got it to cure a persistent cough that lingered for 3 weeks but was gone 4 days after putting a jar of SAN-AIR in my room, which to me was the sign of a good product.

After this result, I suggested we bring it into my workplace as the urinal there was not flushing correctly and the smell was quite strong and not very sanitary. Installing a jar on top of the adjacent bathroom stall, after about 3 days the stench was almost completely gone and resulted in our workplace ordering a whole box to try out throughout the office.

Impressed, I decided to try it in an old fridge we had in our garage which had the most rancid smell of mould I had ever come in to contact with. Afraid to clean it directly, I left another jar inside it for a week almost for amusement. But to my surprise, the smell had been reduced by at least 80% when I checked on it again and enabled me to finish the job with physical scrubbing.

I could not recommend it any more, try it just once and you will be hooked. Very glad I found this product and keen to try more in the range as it seems like a miracle worker. Mark P. Jul 14, 2016

Just a quick note to advise you of our complete satisfaction with both the room and car sanitizes. As you know we were particularly concerned recently as to the quality of air in our new home largely due to nicotine residues and clogged filters in the air conditioning system. After cleaning the system we placed one room canister in an outlet on the upper and ground floors and followed the instructions. The result was quite unexpected. The rooms smelt fresh within a few hours and even the smell of fresh paint in one area disappeared. I can recommend this product without hesitation. The car unit was placed in the company truck and it is now a pleasure to get in and drive it. Thank you for the time you took to help us.

Kind regards

Alan Davidson, Company Director.


Absolutely love this spray, I use it for my cleaning business and the results are amazing! It’s cutting down on the time we normally spending scrubbing off the mould because this product has removed and prevented the mould from returning so our time is more efficient. Plus it smells great which is always a bonus! Sarah  Jul 25, 2016


This product is fantastic and so versatile!. Using it in the bathroom making it feel and look cleaner than any other product before and knowing its natural makes it a winner
Also use it in all sorts of surfaces and cleans clean from runny pens to dirty plastic seats that have gone mouldy. Cleaning floor tiles grout that have grown mould is so easy with the surface spray. Also putting some in the water to mop the floors keeps the tiles to grow mould and also makes them sparkle. Mirta M. Jul 25, 2016


We have a damp house. I use san-air in my cupboards to keep the mould and smells away. It really works and I have just purchased more to use throughout the house.

Thanks so much!

Heather from Cambewarra (May 2013)


“I am using the substance (SAN-AIR sic) you gave me in the air conditioning inlet vent and had it turned on the whole day last Monday per your advise. I now use the heater in the morning and once in the evening for about 2 hours each day. I must say I have not had an asthma attack since I started using it.” 


Our shop got a musty smell and it seemed to come from the air conditioner. We placed SAN-AIR in the return air and now our customers tell us how good it is we cleaned our shop.” M.MC.


“I had someone throw up in the passenger seat of my car and in the air-conditioning vent. It remained there overnight. After cleaning, the smell was still very potent and overwhelming. I used SAN-AIR as instructed and the smell disappeared within 10 days. I was really impressed and pleased with this product.”

“…also thanks again because it is a bloody great product “

VM, Dural NSW


We had a significant mould problem inside the sink cabinet in the kitchen. We opened a pack of SAN-AIR and placed near the side most affected. The difference after a few days was amazing. R (Petersham)

Boat Owner 

I recently discovered San-Air at a trade show and have to say in all my 20+ years of pleasure boating, I’ve finally found a product that works to combat the battle against a stale cabin and mould.
For those that are unaware of the issues, we can face on boats. With the cold nights and the warm days its a constant breeding ground for moisture and mould to develop on curtains, linen, lounges and exposed surfaces.
With the San-Air product, we no longer have an ongoing mould problem within the cabin and get aboard each time with confidence of no mould and no mould related sneezing or sinus issues anymore.

I highly recommend any “Boatie” with stale air, moisture and mould problems to try San-Air and experience it for themselves!


We had a minor flood in our Hair Salon over the weekend. Appalled by the sickening smell we quickly mopped up and opened 2 jars of San Air full blast.

We were amazed at how effective San Air is. By the afternoon the terrible stench was completely gone and replaced by the very pleasant smell of San Air.    Fantastic!

Sharron, Bomaderry NSW  12/02/2013

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