SAN-AIR And How It Helps You

SAN-AIR And How It Helps You

The SAN-AIR Mantra


Testing is the first step to not only identifying if mould is harming your health but in determining where the mould is in your home.

Once you have found where the mould is in your home you can start to put measures in place to: Clean the mould and then prevent the mould from coming back.

The SAN-AIR test kit will enable you to see how bad your mould problem is. If you have a serious mould problem, you can then show the test kit to your doctor and they will then determine what tests need to be done to help you recover your health.

To test with SAN-AIR you can use our Test Kits  


Once you have determined that you have a mould problem, you need to clean your home or space where the mould is. The best way to do this is to use the SAN-AIR Surface spray for visible mould and Mould Gone Gel.

SAN-AIR is designed to be the safest mould removal and prevention product on the market. It uses NO harmful chemicals, Is safe to use around food, pets, children and pregnant women. When you use SAN-AIR you don’t get that typical nasty smell.

 Home Surface Mould Remover


Maintaining your home from mould and bacteria is the key to living a healthy life. Not only is it really easy to keep your home mould free with SAN-AIR, it is also very affordable.

By using the SAN-AIR Mould Gone jar you can easily stop mould and bacteria from taking hold in your home. All you have to do is place the jar in the room that you wish to keep clean. If you want a more efficient clean you can you can place a jar in front of a fan or at the return air vent of your air conditioning system.

SAN-AIR Mould Gone

Yes, with exposure to mould your health will only get worse.

Mould Health Effects

The effects of mould do not show up immediately, but slowly over long periods of time. These are the steps that will most likely happen if you are being affected by mould:

  1. (First year)

    You will start to constantly cough or start to get sick more frequently.

  2. (1 – 3 years)

    You will notice that you have health issues that just don’t seem to go away no matter what the doctor gives you. You might notice that you are constantly tired, lethargic, sick all the time, don’t have the energy that you used to, you have developed asthma but have never experienced it before, if you do have asthma and you know of it, you will probably be experiencing more frequent attacks.

  3. (3 – 5 years)

    This is when the more serious effects start to happen. Almost everybody has different health effects caused by mould and these are just the ones we have seen people experience. Loss of hair, Extreme fatigue,  Sever reduction in breathing capability, Mould growing on their lungs, Mould growing on their brain

Mould is the greatest Trojan horse there is. We don’t even realise when it comes to our home and it just sits there slowly growing, slowly increasing as it makes you sicker and sicker. If nothing is done, it can lead you to an early grave.

It is important to note that mould will cause the above symptoms, however, everyone is different. If you have been sick for long periods of time, and the doctors can not seem to fix the problem, you are most likely being affected by mould.

You do not have to be able to see the mould growing to still be affected by it. The mould that effects you is travelling in the air and when you breathe the mould in, that is when it starts to wreak havoc, within your body.

So what is the solution then?

The solution is SAN-AIR Technology. We have lived through being affected by mould and we have seen others being devasted by it. We developed SAN-AIR Technology to stop mould from destroying peoples lives.

All that you need in your home to make sure that you are not being effected buy mould is about 20 mould gone SAN-AIR jars for an entire year.

Mould is significantly cheaper to prevent than it is to get rid of. If you do nothing, you will eventually get mould growing in your home, it is inevitable.

Mould is constantly around us, outside in the air. It attaches to our clothes and shoes, It travels in through our windows, It lives in food that we eat. A common way for mould to start is through food being left out, or dropped and not properly removed.

This is how the problem can start, but it can all be avoided with SAN-AIR in your home.

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