SAN-AIR Results In Mould Removal

SAN-AIR Results In Mould Removal

Within 72 hours you are able to increase your air quality by 500%

SAN-AIR has been rigorously tested in Homes, Hospitals, Large office buildings, Vehicles and it has constantly shown significant improvement in the quality of the air you breathe. 

The results below are taken from an average Sydney home. The results show the initial count (In Blue) and then the count after 72 hours of using SAN-AIR (In Green).

 Results from SAN-AIR in a home.


The below results were taken in an office building. Each colour represents a different room in the building.

Blue – Plant Room

Red – Office Area

Green – Foyer

Purple – Stationary Room. 


The results show that even in highly contaminated areas such as foyers and office spaces where bacteria and mould are constantly being re-introduced into the indoor environment. SAN-AIR is still able to keep mould and bacteria under control and at safe levels. 

The below video demonstrates how to remove mould using SAN-AIR.

 The below products are what was used to conduct the experiments and perform the cleaning. 


SAN-AIR Mould Gone Gel

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Surface Mould Remover

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