SAN-AIR The Full Story

SAN-AIR The Full Story

How does SAN-AIR work?

SAN-AIR was created by Daniel Massaioli. With deep and wide industrial experience following gaining a double major in pure and applied chemistry at UNSW, he is extremely experienced in creating extremely effective products that are safe to use on and around people.

This experience was used to create SAN-AIR. Over the course of several years, he spent countless hours studying and researching the natural mould killing properties of hundreds of different essential oils. 

What he discovered was incredible. By combining a select few essential oils he found he could preserve the natural mould killing agents in the essential oils. This was brand new as to date there was no technology to stop natural mould killing agents in essential oils disappearing within minutes, even if there was still oil remaining. 

This discovery was then transformed into SAN-AIR. A natural, safe long lasting product that prevents and stops the growth of mould in your indoor environment. 

Why do you need SAN-AIR

Mould is ubiquitous to the environment. It is in:

  • The air you breath
  • The water you drink
  • The soil you walk on
  • Inside your blood and body
  • Inside your pets
  • On trees 
  • In the atmosphere 
  • In the ocean
  • Everywhere. 

Anywhere people go on the planet they will come into contact with mould on a daily basis. When outside, the concentration of mould is usually low enough that the body’s immune system is able to take care of it and remove it from your system. 

Issues arise when people move indoors. Humans have created amazing structures and incredible homes yet that are also perfect living conditions for mould. When mould gets intothe home and starts to grow, very quickly you will notice that you start to get sick. It may just start as coughing or sneezing or even as simple as an itch. 

These symptoms are almost always overlooked by people because they assume it will pass. It is usually not untill more serious symptoms occur like loss of breathing capacity or even more serious issues that questions are raised. 

By using SAN-AIR in the home or office building, these problems can be prevented from happening.

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