Something Is Growing On My Wall

Something Is Growing On My Wall

It’s ok you are not alone. There is nothing to be embarrassed about by having mould in your home. It does not mean that you are a dirty person or that you don’t clean. Mould is a tricky problem to solve and we will help you fix it. 

Mould can grow in the most unexpected places and many times we have helped people rid their homes of mould that they could not even initially see.

The good news is that you do not have to abandon your home or office or car just because of mould. We can help you to live in a mould free environment. 

You have identified that something is growing on your wall. Does it have any of the following characteristics:

  • Does it look slimy (Do not touch it)
  • Does it look furry (Do not touch or breathe air close to the infestation)
  • Is it spreading
  • Does the room smell musty
  • Do you feel unwell in the room

If the answer is yes to any of the above questions then you have active mould in your home. 

What are your options?

Your options are:

  1. Option 1 – DIY Test, Clean and Maintain
  2. Option 2 – Emergency mould kit
  3. Option 3 – Call us  

Option 1 – DIY Test, Clean and Maintain

We have purposely developed a system for home use that is safe, efficient and extremely effective in a very short space of time.

By doing the testing, cleaning and maintenance yourself you will be saving a considerable amount of money and have equal results to using a professional service.  

You don’t have to take our word for it. Take a look at our customer reviews and case studies. 

The products you need and why:

Test Kits – Will confirm that mould is what you are seeing on the wall and after you have cleaned can be used to confirm the clean has been successful. 

Mould Remover Spray – Apply to the affected area to neutralize the mould. This will enable you to easily and safely ( without spreading more mould spores) clean the area.  

Mould Gone Jar – Place in the affected room to prevent the regrowth of mould. 1 jar will be able to effectively control a room of 10m x 10m, This will last 6 – 8 weeks after which you should replace (Larger pack sizes are available to last for a longer duration or for larger room sizes).

Buy this combination now

Option 2 – Emergency mould cleaning kit

The emergency mould cleaning kit contains everything you will need to clean the mould from your home. 

Inside you will find instructions on all products and how to use them effectively to rid your home of mould. 

Take all the guesswork out of what you need. Everything is included for you to be able to completely clean your home of mould. 

All you need to do is replenish the products as you use them. I emergency mould cleaning kit will last you half a year. 

Buy the emergency mould clean kit

Option 3 – Call us

If the problem is widespread and you don’t know what to do. Call us for professional help. 

Call: (02) 8809 5350

Ask for Alex or Daniel. 

You can always email us with an inquiry at


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