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Dedicated Mould, Bacteria and Virus products for the improvement of indoor air Quality

Indoor Air Quality, HVAC, Refrigeration, Mould, Bacteria and Virus Remediation

Welcome to SAN-AIR

SAN-AIR has provided mould, bacteria and virus solutions to Australian and international clients for the past 15 years. Our comprehensive range of products use the latest in natural science technology to create a product that uses natural ingredients, no harsh chemicals and is all Australian made.

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SAN-AIR is a natural scientific technology. SAN-AIR provides a solution that has been tested and validated to kill mould, bacteria, and viruses up to 99.99%.

SAN-AIR not only kills the microorganism but prevents subsequent contamination from occurring.

SAN-AIR products specialise in the elimination of microorganisms without causing damage to the materials that are being effected.

Talk to our expert mould team today to find a solution to your mould, bacteria and virus problems.

With over 20 years of experience in remediation, consultation, and products. Our specialist team will provide you with the answers you need.

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  • Prevention is better than cure!
    Let SAN-AIR help you add a new and strong natural protection to gain a healthier indoor environment from airborne germs. There are many types of airborne contaminants and I go into that in some detail on a previous blog.  Right now, people need to address airborne contaminants of bacteria and mould.  Why?   Viruses host in …

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