The SAN-AIR Story – How Our Founder Became A Mould Expert

The SAN-AIR Story – How Our Founder Became A Mould Expert

I have worked in many industries in my career developing a wide range of knowledge across pharmaceutical, cosmetics, agricultural, food and beverage, battery, aerosol and other industries.  I came to become passionate about helping people address mould problems through the experience I had in my own family.

During my son’s early years, I was involved at organisational level in their youth clubs of soccer and baseball.  Over 10 years in fact.

It was during one of the countless games as coach of under 6s and under 7s, during a beautiful winter morning where the sun was out bringing the moisture up from the grass. The children would go off the field every few minutes to have a drink.  When I knelt down to do up a set of boot shoelaces,  I was immediately struck by the THICK, nearly choking mould fumes coming off the grass and soil!  

In the same period, we found that the boys were suffering from asthma, which was surprising as neither I or my wife had any family history of this.  After many tests, we found the boys had severe to dangerous reactions to mould and pollens, certain food additives and some food colours. But above all came the shock that they had mould allergies!   How come? Our house was new and clean. 

I resolved to do my own studies.  Taking mould and bacteria air samples, collected at various heights, at different locations, showed the difference between 30cm up fromI the ground to my height could be as much as 100 times less mould and bacteria counts in the air I was breathing, compared to that of a child close to the ground.

It took some investigation, to discover that indoor mould, the invisible enemy, was not that much of a mystery, just no one knew what to do about it.

Being an industrial chemist  (BSc Pure and Applied Chemistry) with over 40 years of experience in developing products for many industries, I resolved to look at safe and sustainable solutions for mould.

The graph below at left is stark in showing concentration levels increasing the closer you get to the ground.  Through my painstaking R&D, I have been able to create natural sustainable products that stop mould growing and achieves the results shown in the graph at right.

Many have tried to copy our products but have failed as the blend of natural ingredients is unique to our products.  I have been able to achieve 95-98% reduction in mould in indoor environments within 24 hours.  

When you treat the air you treat the entire environment as it travels to all parts of your indoor space.  When air travel it touches other air particles AND it touches the surface in the environment.  SAN-AIR products are developed to treat AIR and SURFACESEverything in your environment will be sanitised with SAN-AIR.

You will breathe clean air and neutralise all mould on your surfaces.

If you think you need help to better understand your problem,  we offer a Home Health Inspection service that utilises our many years of experience to solve problems for our customers. We inspect the premises, test various locations for mould, identify root causes and provide you with a written report with remediation recommendations. Our expertise has been accepted as mould expertise in property mould disputes.

Daniel Massaioli

Founder – SAN-AIR Australia

UNSW, BSc Pure and Applied Chemistry

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