Why Use SAN-AIR For Trade

Why Use SAN-AIR For Trade

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Why your business needs SAN-AIR

If you need to remove mould in your business for any reason then you need SAN-AIR. SAN-AIR makes mould removal extremely easy, safe and reliable. How does SAN-AIR do this:


After applying SAN-AIR in its liquid for (Surface Mould Remover) to mould within 15 minutes the product is able to break down the structure of the mould. This means that you are easily able to wipe away and clean. 

SAN-AIR also comes in a gel form. The gel is able to slowly realise the product into the air. The product then travels along the air stream and any mould that it comes into contact with is neutralised. By using the gel technology the product is able to get to hard to reach places that would be difficult to clean otherwise. 

SAN-AIR streamlines the process of cleaning mould. Ensuring that you can easily complete jobs with confidence and customer satisfaction. 


SAN-AIR Technology has been developed with safety as a top priority. SAN-AIR technology works by neutralising the mould before you clean. This has two major effects:

  1. No Mycotoxin release: By neutralising the mould before you clean you ensure that the mould will not release any mycotoxins when you go to wipe with a cloth. It is the mycotoxins that harm to the human body when they are breathed in. If you do not neutralise the mould properly first this can lead to exposure to harmful mycotoxins for yourself or your employees. 
  2. Airborne spores: If you are walking into a mouldy environment you can guarantee that there will be airborne spores when you walk in. These spores when inhaled can cause harm to yourself or your workers. SAN-AIR removers these spores from the air ensuring that they do not harm you. 


When you use SAN-AIR products to remove mould you know they are going to work. Manufactured here in Australia to ensure the quality of the product.

SAN-AIR will remove the mould, so you can go into any mould remediation job know that you are going to be successful. 


If you have a client that has a serious mould problem that has just sprung up out of nowhere, we can help with that. By using our Surface Spray Remover you can clean any mould problem that surfaces out of the blue. 

For any mould emergency situation, we always recommend using the SAN-AIR Mould emergency kit. This has everything you need to deal with any mould problem that may arise. 


The SAN-AIR Mould Gone product is designed to prevent the regrowth of mould in any indoor environment. If you have a client who is constantly getting mould. You can use the Mould Gone product to prevent their issue. 

The benefit of using the Mould Gone product is it attacks the source of the problem. Most of the time the source of the mould problem is extremely hard to get to. The evaporative gel nature of the product makes this extremely easy for you. 


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